How big is a picture in photoshop?

Answer The size of a picture created or edited in Adobe Photoshop may vary, depending on the resolution and file size. The largest that an image file can be in Photoshop is 300,000 by 300,000 pixels per i... Read More »

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How do u photoshop a picture?

Can someone photoshop this picture for me? LOVE Karl's #3

How do I add picture to a banner in Photoshop?

Open the banner in Photoshop by clicking "File," then "Open" and browsing to it. When you locate the file, double-click it so it opens in the Photoshop workspace. Browse again to the location of th... Read More »

How do i stretch a picture in photoshop?

Create a new Photoshop file by clicking "File," then "New." Name the file "StretchedPicture," then set the dimensions you want to stretch the picture to, such as 8 inches by 12 inches. Change the "... Read More »