How big is a brigade company squad?

Answer A company squad in a particular brigade is, on average, 10 to 11 soldiers. According to MSNBC, each squad is part of a company that consists of 130 to 150 soldiers. Various companies make up a brig... Read More »

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How to Make a Great Squad in Battlefield: Bad Company?

Is your squad lousy and has no game plan? Well, talk to them and think of some game plan to easily win a match. Having a great squad can really, really win you the game. You don't really need to de... Read More »

Is the police squad from Reno 911 a real police squad?

No it;s just a tv show with actors. Cops wouldn't do that, it's just acting.

How big is a brigade?

The average size of a brigade is 2,500 soldiers. The large, mobile military unit's size can fluctuate, some brigades are made up of around 1,500 men, while others are as large as 4,000.Source:Globa... Read More »

Where is the 313 brigade from?

313 Brigade is a terrorist organisation formed in Pakistan, and operational in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Bangladesh and India.