What Is the Difference Between a Bald Eagle & a Golden Eagle?

Answer Ornithologists categorize bald eagles and golden eagles as very large raptors with hooked beaks, long and broad wingspans, and long broad tails. Nations have chosen each bird as their national symb... Read More »

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How to Draw a Bald Eagle?

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a bald eagle. Just follow these easy steps!

Why is the bald eagle an endangered species?

The bald eagle was removed from the endangered species list on August 9, 2007. The biggest reason for the bald eagle's population increase is the 1973 Endangered Species Act, which bans the use of ... Read More »

Why is there a bald eagle on the CIA seal?

TheFBI and the CIA just don't tend to communicate well with each other... I would say they do NOT.

What Are the Attributes of a Bald Eagle?

The bald eagle is a commanding figure with a cruel beak and piercing eyes that miss next to nothing. It is breathtaking in flight; with a wingspan of 7 feet or more, it cuts an unmistakable figure ... Read More »