How big is 1 acre ?

Answer One acre is 43,560 square feet.It can be comprised in any shape and size as long as the total equals 43,560 square feet.Here is a lot 165 feet by 264 feetand another lot at 198 feet by 220 feetboth... Read More »

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How much topsoil do you need per acre?

On average, there is approximately 1 million pounds of topsoil per surface acre. Topsoil can be purchased from landscaping companies.Source:Stanford University: Topsoil

How many N-90 windmills can you fit on an acre?

Wind turbines must be placed far enough apart to not steal wind from each other. Rows of turbines placed parallel to the wind are spaced about 4 blade diameters apart, while rows placed perpendicul... Read More »

How to Raise the pH per Acre?

Raising soil pH in an acre of land is quite a bit different than raising the pH in 20 square feet of garden soil. If you don't have access to a tractor spreader, count on spending a weekend with a ... Read More »

How much does it cost to sod a third of an acre?

The cost to sod a third of an acre ranges from $1,056 to $7,920. A third of an acre is approximately 13,200 square feet. According to Cost Helper, in 2010 it cost an average of 8 cents to 30 cents ... Read More »