How big is a Canadair Regional Jet?

Answer A Canadair Regional Jet has the following dimensions: The plane is 87 feet and 10 inches long, 20 feet and 5 inches high and has a wing span of 69 feet and 5 inches.Source:Canadair information

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Which is bigger: a Canadair Regional Jet CRT-900 or a Boeing 757?

The Canadair Regional Jet CRT-900 is 106 feet 8 inches long, has a wing span of 76 feet 8 inches and has a tail height of 24 feet 6 inches. The Boeing 757 is 178 feet 7 inches long, has a wing span... Read More »

Can you carry on a garment bag on Delta for a Canadair regional 50 passenger jet?

You can carry a garment bag onto a Delta Canadair regional 50-passenger jet, but the plane has limited overhead bin space. A better option is to check the bag before boarding.References:Delta Airli... Read More »

How to Become a Regional Pilot?

Regional airlines act as a major link in the U.S. air travel system. They use small to mid-sized jets and turboprops to transport passengers from small cities to major airline hubs, allowing them t... Read More »

Blu Ray regional code help?

It will not play. No, there are no ways around it. The only way for you to be able to play the movie is if you have a universal blu ray disc player. There are only two that I know of, one is the Pi... Read More »