How big is a 0.08 diamond?

Answer A diamond with a weight of 0.01 carat is equal to 2 milligrams (0.002 grams), so a 0.08 carat diamond would be equal to 16 milligrams, or 0.016 grams. A round 0.08 carat diamond will have a width o... Read More »

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Has anyone ever had any dealings with diamond pools or diamond industries and are they a reputable company?

Answer We are actually dealing with them right now... we are waiting for a pool to be put in.

Is a simulated diamond better than a synthetic diamond?

On One Hand: It Looks BetterSimulated diamonds are gems or gem-like materials that are cut to look like diamonds, but are chemically different. Synthetic diamonds, or diamonds manufactured artifici... Read More »

What is the Difference Between a Diamond & a Diamond Solitaire?

Diamonds are the most precious and desired of all gemstones. When cut and faceted, they have an ability to reflect light to a mesmerizing degree, and they capture both attention and hearts with the... Read More »

Is there a diamond by the name of Herkimer diamond?

Herkimer diamonds are actually quartz crystals that are doubly terminated, or have two naturally faceted ends. They are named after Herkimer County, New York, where they can be found. Similar quart... Read More »