How big is Super Wal-Mart?

Answer Wal-Mart Supercenters are huge. As of 2010, there are 2,747 supercenters nationwide; most are open 24 hours a day and offer specialty shops for vision care, hair salons, portrait studios, banks and... Read More »

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How many square feet is a super wal-mart?

Walmart supercenters average about 187,000 square feet. They were created in 1988, when the company added a grocery section to some of its discount stores. Supercenters are roughly 80,000 square fe... Read More »

Why does everyone hate Wal-Mart, but Target and K-Mart are O.K.?

because people are rude in Wal-Martand its not easy to steal from wal-mart but is easy at K-mart

Which place is better to shop at Wal-mart or K-mart?

Wal-Mart. Here in Colorado all the good K-Marts have gone out of business, and the ones that are left look baren and are always empty.

Which is better, TARGET, WAL-MART, or K-MART?

TARGET they treet their employes much better with time off and sick days. also they sell qualuty products walmart only sells junk and kmart is always durty.