How big is Algonquin Park?

Answer Algonquin Provincial Park covers approximately 7,725 square kilometers. The park is located in Ontario, Canada. Algonquin Park contains rivers, lakes and forests, as well as a wide variety of wildl... Read More »

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Who made Algonquin wigwams?

The first inhabitants of the area that is now home to Canadian provinces Quebec and Ontario were the Algonquin Indians. Algonquins lived in single-family homes made of birch bark, called wigwams. A... Read More »

What did algonquin native american women dress like?

Algonquin or Algonquian Native American women typically wore a leather shirt with fringe, a long leather skirt fastened with a belt and moccasins. In the winter they wore leggings. Their hair was a... Read More »

How long will be the bastions park (giant chess park) in geneva will be open ?

Forever, as far as we know, they never intended to close it down. At night time however, it's a gay cruising area, you might want to miss out on that.

How much will it cost to park in Selfridges Car Park in Birmingham, UK for one day?

It will cost you £16 to park at the Moor Street car park in Birmingham for 8-plus hours. The car park is one of three at the Bullring, which is a major shopping complex in the middle of Birmingham... Read More »