How big does a boiler need to be?

Answer A boiler is an important heating element for many homes and apartments. Determining the size of boiler that is needed for a residence can be difficult. Many different factors come into play when de... Read More »

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Does an oil boiler exist which doesn't need electricity?

Fuel oil needs either to be atomized and exposed to an ignition source or to be wicked in order to burn. If wicked, diesel-fuel (#2 fuel oil) burns very badly - lots of soot and pollution - which e... Read More »

Do natural gas boiler furnaces need to be cleaned?

Natural gas boiler furnaces should be cleaned and maintained once a year. The necessary cleaning and servicing jobs needed to be performed on the furnace include cleaning the blower blades, lubrica... Read More »

When would a boiler need to draw water?

Boilers need to draw water when there is too little water in the heating system. This could happen for a number of reasons. For instance, your radiators could leak steam, reducing the water pressur... Read More »

Can a boiler operator leave the boiler room?

On One Hand: Boiler Operators Cannot LeaveDue to safety concerns, a boiler operator is not allowed to leave the boiler room while on duty. According to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public ... Read More »