How big do shih tzu dogs get?

Answer The average height of a Shih Tzu when measured to the shoulders ranges from eight to 11 inches, according to the American Kennel Club. Shih Tzus typically weigh between nine and 16 pounds as adults... Read More »

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Do shih tzu dogs shed?

Although all dog breeds shed to some extent, Shih Tzu puppies and dogs shed very little and are known to be an excellent choice for apartment dwellers and allergic individuals.Source:Complete Guide... Read More »

House Training for Shih Tzu Dogs?

The Shih Tzu is an ideal companion dog with its small build and friendly personality. Its sole purpose in life is to please its owner. The Shih Tzu's lively, alert personality makes house trainin... Read More »

How long do Shih Tzu dogs live?

According to the website, the average life expectancy of a Shih Tzu dog, also known as a Shih-Tzu, is between 12 and 15 years, although some dogs may live longer than 15 years.Source:... Read More »

Are Shih Tzus good dogs?

On One Hand: Loyal and Energetic CompanionsShih tzus are classified as toy dogs. Shih tzus likely are of Tibetan origin and were bred for refined households. Besides its handsome appearance, this b... Read More »