How big do Labrador dogs get?

Answer A Labrador Retriever's average size is 55 to 75 lbs. Males generally weigh between 60 to 75 lbs. and females weigh around 55 to 70 lbs. Males average 22 to 24 inches tall and females are 21 to 23 i... Read More »

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How long do Labrador dogs live?

According to the Lovable Labradors website, Labrador retrievers live an average of 12.6 human years (63.4 dog years). The actual lifespan of each Labrador may be higher or lower, depending on how t... Read More »

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Epilepsy in a Labrador?

Labrador retrievers are among the dog breeds known to develop epilepsy, a neurological disorder that leads to seizures. While no cure or screening tests exist, canine epilepsy can be treated and th... Read More »

How Old Should My Labrador Be When I Neuter Him?

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