How big can luggage be on a delta flight?

Answer A checked-in luggage for a Delta flight should have a standard weight of under 50 lbs. and a total size of 62 inches (when you add the length, width and height). If your luggage exceeds these weigh... Read More »

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How much luggage can you take on a Delta airline flight?

Delta Airlines allows each passenger one piece of carry-on item (dimension 45 inches total) plus one personal item such as a purse or a laptop. For U.S. domestic flights, one item weighing under 50... Read More »

How much is a bag of luggage insured for on Delta?

Delta Air Lines does not insure passengers' luggage. If your luggage is lost or delayed, the airline will provide reasonable expense reimbursements. The U.S. Department of Transportation states tha... Read More »

Do we have to pay for checked luggage with Delta?

Yes, you do have to pay fees for checked baggage on Delta Airlines. For domestic travel within North America, Delta charges for both your first and second checked bag. Passengers on international f... Read More »

Delta Luggage Requirements?

Knowing the luggage requirements for each individual airline is important. Be sure to check your travel documents to make sure you are looking at the right airline's luggage requirements.