How big can a green snake get?

Answer Green snakes are slender and bright green in color. Adult Smooth Green Snakes are normally 12 inches to 20 inches in size. They can sometimes reach 24 inches in length. Rough Green Snakes can reac... Read More »

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Green Snake Facts?

Only two species of green snake exist, known commonly as the rough and the smooth green snake. Five subspecies of green snakes exist, and all are distinguishable by their characteristic bright gree... Read More »

What does a common green snake eat?

Common green snakes eat primarily insects and spiders. There are two species of green snakes in North America from the genus Opheodrys: the rough green snake and the smooth green snake. These snake... Read More »

What does a green vine snake eat?

Green vine snakes can make exotic pets with their bright coloration and distinct environmental needs. Because they hail from jungles, green vine snakes require cages with plenty of vegetation and h... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Green Racer Snake?

The green racer snake (Gonyosoma prasinum), more commonly referred to as the green tree racer, is bright green in color except for its yellow cheeks. Native to Southeast Asia, the green racer snake... Read More »