How big are your breasts meant to be at 12?

Answer about 32A.. but you can ask your mom or some female relatives to make sure.

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If you are a month pregnant and your breasts are not sore should you be concerned if your breasts were very sore during your last two pregnancies?

Answer The thing to remember with each pregnancy your breasts need less work to prepare. I bet if you think back, they were worse with the first one than the second.Mine were very sore with my fir... Read More »

Just how big is this glass of water we're meant to drink X amounts of per day meant to be?

yours doesn't count Elric because it's full of super! PMSL

Are your chances high of being pregnant if your breasts are sore and you are nowhere around your period?

Answer Not necessarily -- you could be having PMS. That sometimes starts for women a few days past ovulation and continues until they have their next period.

Aren't your breasts too sexual a part of your body to expose your babies to?

Boobs were meant for babies, so no I didn't feel "gross" when I breastfed my baby. My body was making the best food on Earth to feed her, so that's what I did. It's incredibly different to be tou... Read More »