How big are ranunculus?

Answer Ranunculus is a family of flowering plants, many of which are popular with gardeners due to their showy blooms. With many varieties in the family, it's difficult to generalize about the size of ra... Read More »

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Ranunculus Problems?

Ranunculus asiaticus, also called Persian Buttercup, is a perennial plant known for its blooms. Ranunculus plants are easy to grow and care for, but there are a few problems that plague this specie... Read More »

The Varieties of Ranunculus?

Ranunculus (R. asiaticus) are frost-hardy, cool season perennials that grow best in regions with mild winters and extended cool springs. The plants have grass green, celery-like foliage that grows ... Read More »

When do ranunculus bloom?

Ranunculus blooms in the spring from a bulb. The blossoms are 3 to 6 inches across with several layers of petals. The thin petals resemble pieces of colored tissue paper. This member of the butterc... Read More »

Which end of a ranunculus bulb goes up?

Ranunculus bulbs feature a number of odd-looking, banana-shaped roots on one end that resemble fingers or claws; when planting ranunculus, the "finger" end should face down while the eyes face up.S... Read More »