How big are partitions for Windows XP?

Answer The maximum size of a partition under Windows XP depends on the file system of the disk. FAT16, which is rarely used, only supports partitions of up to 4 GB. FAT32 supports partitions up to 2 TB un... Read More »

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How to Manage Partitions in Windows 7?

In this article learn how to use the Disk Management tool in Windows 7 Decrease, Increase and Create new partitions.

How do I Delete Windows Partitions From Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a free, open-source Linux distribution. Ubuntu is an operating system that replaces Windows on your computer, as only one can run at once. By default, Ubuntu installs alongside Windows; y... Read More »

How do i install windows xp on a vista ultimate machine with available partitions?

Check Your PartitionsClick "Start." Type "computer" into the search field. Click "Computer Management." Click "Storage," then "Disk Management." Review your hard drive and confirm that the area mar... Read More »

How do I check partitions in XP?

Check Partitions in XPClick on the Windows "Start" button, select "Control Panel," choose "Performance and Maintenance" and click "Administrative Tools." Double-click on "Computer Management," expa... Read More »