How big are human cells?

Answer There are many different types of human cells with all different sizes. For example, a red blood cell's diameter measures 20 micrometers while neurons (brain cells) have a diameter anywhere from 4 ... Read More »

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School Projects on Human Cells?

Cells are the basic structural unit in the human body. They make up every organ and every tissue. Each cell of the human body is made up of several organelles, and each organelle has a specific fun... Read More »

How are human& animal cells different?

Each day people come into contact with animals, whether it be the family dog or a bird flitting across their field of vision. On the surface, these creatures may look very different from people, ho... Read More »

How are human stem cells used?

Stem cells are undifferentiated, or "blank," cells that have not yet become specialized. Scientists prize stem cells for their potential to cure diseases and repair damaged tissues.SourcesThe most ... Read More »

How many cells are in a human body?

There is no consensus among scientists and researchers on the estimated amount of cells in a human body. Some sources estimate that the average adult human is composed of 10 trillion cells, while ... Read More »