How to kill fleas extreme case if fleas well kind of but i need imediate help?

Answer Diatomaceous Earth is an organic powder, widely used for removing fleas from the body of pets and also its cost is very low. It is used for killing most of the insects that make habitat in your hou... Read More »

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FLEAS!!!Room is becoming a home for fleas how do I get rid of them?

If the cat is strictly indoors, once you get rid of the fleas they won't come back. But if you let the cat outside sometimes, it will be a constant battle.I use to let my cat outside until I got t... Read More »

I have fleas , and im constantly itching . any tips , on how to have a good night sleep with fleas!?

You're full of ****. Fleas don't live on humans. Thanks for making me laugh though :)

How to Get Rid of Fleas?

"Did I do that?"Sometimes pets accidentally bring some friends home to play, and those friends happen to be tiny, blood-sucking and persistent. Here's how to get rid of the unwelcome guests known a... Read More »

Orange Oil for Fleas?

A dog or cat scratching is normal and not a cause for alarm, but excessive scratching can be a sign of a flea infestation. To tell if your dog or cat has fleas, part the fur and inspect the skin. F... Read More »