How big are earthworms?

Answer Earthworms, commonly referred to as nightcrawlers, are found in warm, moist soil. Earthworms are useful as fish bait and are fed upon by birds. Earthworms help sustain plant life by burrowing into ... Read More »

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What do earthworms look like?

Earthworms are found throughout the world, and come in varying sizes. They digest dead organic material and help keep soil healthy, making them an important part of any ecosystem. They need moist s... Read More »

How Do Earthworms Egest?

There are more than 2,700 known species of earthworms, which are a type of segmented worm. Earthworms burrow through the soil all over the world, and the tunnels they leave behind provide passagewa... Read More »

Are earthworms herbivores?

To get the nutrition they require, earthworms eat dirt, decaying roots, leaves, animal manure and decomposing animal remains. This makes them primarily herbivores, with some scavenger tastes when a... Read More »

How do earthworms breathe?

Earthworms are living creatures, and must process oxygen to survive. Yet they spend most of their lives underground, where there isn't much air. They don't have lungs, but still manage to absorb ox... Read More »