How big are bar pool tables?

Answer Bar pool tables come in two sizes. A 7-foot bar pool table size is the most common; it is 39 inches in width and 78 inches in length. An 8-foot bar pool table is 44 inches wide and 88 inches long.S... Read More »

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Who is the inventor of pool tables?

Pool originally evolved from another game similar to croquet and was first played outdoors on grass. It is not known who built the first pool table, or when it was built, but the oldest known pool ... Read More »

Who invented pool tables?

The precursor to the billiard (or pool) table was a section of lawn put upon a regular table, first seen in the royal court of Louis XI of France (1461--1483). Its modern incarnation---a table with... Read More »

How to Upholster Pool Tables?

A pool table is built with a flat, stable surface, often made from slate or a similar synthetic product, covered by a felt fabric covering. The felt covering allows the pool balls to roll smoothly ... Read More »

Are Beringer pool tables any good?

On One Hand: Quality Made TablePool tables can be made with inexpensive materials and craftsmanship for a fairly low price or they can be constructed with high quality wood, slate and craftsmanship... Read More »