How big a refrigerator is appropriate for one person?

Answer The size of refrigerator needed for a one person depends on the life style of the person.A person living in a college dormitory may find a small cube refrigerator has more than enough capacity. A s... Read More »

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What kind of repair person would you contact to move a dryer vent to a more appropriate location?

A handy man could do this for you but you need to consider what quality of work the person does.You get what you pay for.If you want to get the job done correctly then you need to contact a home ap... Read More »

Final responsibility for determining whether someone's duties require access to classified information and wheter the person has been granted an appropriate level security clearance rests with?

How do you keep ice from forming on the back wall and top of the refrigerator portion of a refrigerator-freezer?

Answer You didn't say how old the freezer is. However, what usually causes this is loading your freezer too tight with food (no air circulating) or accidently leaving the door ajar (this happens ... Read More »

Is the air inside a refrigerator typically less humid than the air the refrigerator?

I assume your question should end with "than the air outside the refrigerator". If so then the answer is yes. Most of the humidity in the air inside the fridge (and freezer) will condense onto the ... Read More »