How big a hard drive should a desktop computer have?

Answer On One Hand: 250 to 500 GigabytesAccording to CNET, most desktop users can get by with a hard drive 250 to 500 gigabytes large. This should give you enough space to store all of your music, movies ... Read More »

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How to Replace a Hard Drive in a Desktop Computer?

These days many laptop computers are designed so the hard drive can be quickly and easily removed by the owner. Unfortunately, it's not as easy to replace a hard drive on many desktop computers. Bu... Read More »

How long should a hard drive in a desktop computer last for?

Mine has made it 6 years, but my bf says the typical life is about 5. It depends on a lot of things like how well controlled the power supply is, how heavy the usage of the disk is, maintenance, d... Read More »

Can I use any external hard drive for my desktop computer?

The external drive that you have chosen will work just fine. All you do is just plug in the power card, then plug in the USB cord to your computer.Good Luck

Can You Use a Laptop Hard Drive in a Desktop Computer?

There are multiple ways to add a laptop hard drive to a desktop computer. Each method varies by cost, installation difficulty and whether you can easily move the hard drive between computers. Dep... Read More »