How big a cage does a cockatiel need?

Answer On One Hand: Cockatiels Need WidthOn the one hand, a cockatiel's cage should be approximately double the bird's wingspan. If your bird has a wingspan of about 16 inches, you'll want to have a cage... Read More »

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How to Train Cockatiel Birds to Get out of the Cage?

Cockatiels are by nature inquisitive and playful, but new birds or birds who have had little positive exposure to humans may be very skittish and afraid at first. Patience is the key with any attem... Read More »

What size cage does a guinea pig need?

The minimum cage size for one guinea pig is 7.5 square feet. However, a 10.5 square foot cage gives the guinea pig more room and is considered a more preferred cage size.Source:Metropolitan Guinea ... Read More »

How big a cage does a full-grown iguana need?

Iguanas are large lizards and require equally large tanks. An iguana's tank should be at least two to three times the iguana's length and at least three times its height. Adult iguanas can grow to ... Read More »

What Kind of Cage Does a Stick Insect Need?

There are over 2,500 species of stick insect in the world. Most live in subtropical and tropical environments with medium to high levels of humidity. They also eat similar food plants, consisting m... Read More »