How beneficial are pushups and pull-ups?

Answer On One Hand: Benefits Can PlateauThe body adapts relatively quickly to exercise. Those who struggle to do one pushup or pull-up can adapt quickly and may be able to do 10 pushups and five pull-ups ... Read More »

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How to Do More Pushups?

Are you sick and tired of only doing about 10-15 push-ups? Wanna be able to do about 50 to impress the ladies? Well keep on reading.

How many pushups?

Well, in my opinion, push-ups isn't the best thing to do if you want to bench press a large weight. I go to a local gym and work out with certified trainers. If you want to lift your own weight, st... Read More »

How often should you do pushups?

Push ups are one of the best all-around exercises for the upper body. Push ups work the chest, shoulders, triceps and even the abdomen, buttocks and back. They can provide athletes with the explo... Read More »

How to Do Better Pushups?

To get the best triceps, biceps and chest muscles you should follow my article.