How bad is vaporizing weed everyday for you?

Answer One of the main things that marijuana does is release your stored endorphins.When you get high a lot, you use up the endorphins completely and you tax the system that creates them.This leads to get... Read More »

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Smoking weed everyday at 14 years old?

Want to know something? I did the same thing when I was 14 and 15. 16 and 17 I was using ice and cocaine, by 18 I was hooked on crack. I'm not proud of this. Today I'm 35, married with 2 kids and I... Read More »

How do weed edibles feel if you smoke everyday?

When you smoke, your lungs process the THC much faster, generally with in a couple min. BUT Be careful!! the feeling will take MUCH LONGER to take effect, out of personal exp. ive had it take abo... Read More »

Could smoking weed be causing nausea everyday for me Im a male i smoke like once a week?

Yes, weed does cause nausea in some people. Normally it only lasts for an hour after you smoke though. If you are experiencing nausea more often, stop smoking weed and if it persists, ask your doct... Read More »

What are some long term effects of smoking weed, ive smoked everyday for about 9 months?

Did you ever see the movie Super high me? That guy smoked weed for years, and the doctor told him he basically had no major damage from it. But from personal experience, I would say the effects wou... Read More »