How bad is marijuana for you?

Answer Marijuana is bad for you mainly because smoking in general is bad for your lungs. But it's only mildly so. It is not generally a dangerous drug, nor is it highly addictive. That being said, you're ... Read More »

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Can x ray see marijuana?

Depends on the machine. Different materials are different penetrable by x-ray, and some machines are tuned to pick up on the level of resistance typically caused by Marijuana.

How to dry marijuana the best way?

Curing your marijuana is a hugely important step - the best way I know of, is to store the bud in AIR TIGHT jars, then depending on how dry you want it, open the jars for hours at a time. The slowe... Read More »

Does pot (Marijuana) get old?

Use a heavy freezer type plastic bag as per "I Can Answer..", vacuuming the air out with your mouth before sealing the last little bit of the opening. Then follow "Fisherwoman"s advice and put it ... Read More »


wow.. good questions.. first of all cocaine is a man-made chemical and personally i don't do that.. i've seen the destruction man-made chemicals do to people and... NO THANKS. also, the hairs are s... Read More »