How bad is it to smoke weed while pregnant or is it okay?

Answer any smoking while pregnant is terrible. im all for weed but if your pregnant its a bad idea

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What happens when you smoke weed while pregnant?

Its like practicly like the baby is smoking ? soo yeahh if i was you i wuud stop

If you are diabetic is it okay to smoke weed?

You'll be fine. Marijuana is not bad for you if you are a diabetic, unless you get the munchies and eat too much sugar, thats bad. The chemical in Marijuana that makes you high is THC, tetrahydraca... Read More »

In your opinion is it okay to smoke Weed?

Yes and no. Depends on the person...just like with alcohol. Some people can handle it and some people cannot.

Can you smoke weed while breastfeeding?

It is illegal but yes if ur a d u m b a s s