How bad is it to hit snooze on my alarms like 10 times before I get up?

Answer If you really want a cure? Then the best way to go to bed early from now on then you will able be get up quickly.

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Are snooze alarms bad for you?

On One Hand: Extra Sleep Can Be GoodMost people stick to a regular waking schedule. The daily events that occur before going to bed bring irregularity to sleep time. Sleep deprivation can be a seri... Read More »

Why does the 'snooze' button snooze for 9 minutes Why not ten or five?

It's really all a matter of mechanics. Back in 1956 when the snooze button was first introduced, alarm clocks had standardized gears. The snooze gear had to mesh with the teeth of the other gears. ... Read More »

Why is 'snooze' set to 9 minutes?

Mine is set at 8 minutes. It is odd. There is no way to change it on mine.

How to Set snooze time in ipod touch?

Go to settings, then menu settings , then scroll down 2 bottom of list and push center button when selector is on "snooze"