How bad is it for you to only eat like... 250 calories a day?

Answer My first question is what in the Lords name are you thinking? Second who helped you type this, have them read a book to you so you can understand how much damage your doing to yourself. If you wou... Read More »

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If I only eat 500 calories a day and loose 1000 calories a day how much will I loose in a week?

you will do damage to your metabolism so when you out the 1000 back your body will equate it with 2000 instead, it is never good to go this low in calories. Stick to 1500 minimum and 1200 with a do... Read More »

Is it ok i only ate 1600 calories only 1 day?

That's totally fine! if you're keeping healthy every other day, then one day where you go a bit over is okay. They say you should have one day a week where you're allowed treats and some unhealthy ... Read More »

If you only eat 100 calories are you anorexic?

No, just as long as you do that 20 times a day.

If I have been living for 4 months on only 600 calories per day..?

too low.Eat healthy things.and go jogging for exercise!you will may start feeling weak!Eat More than 600 calories.your stomach will shrink!and you know it's Too yes That is Stravati... Read More »