How bad is a hip replacement?

Answer On One Hand: Hip Replacement Surgery is SeriousHip replacement surgery requires extensive preparation as well as a 3- to 6-month average recovery time. This recovery time is often difficult and qui... Read More »

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How to Get a Hip Replacement?

Getting a new hip is serious business. You may need a new hip under at least one of 2 circumstances: 1. You have a defective hip (congenital or a degenerative condition that developed after birth) ... Read More »

DIY: BMW Tie Rod Replacement?

The tie rod on a BMW is an important part of the suspension and steering. When the tie rods age or when they are bent from being in an accident or even from everyday use, they can cause steering pr... Read More »

How to Get a Replacement W2?

Getting a replacement W2 is easy. However, the steps involved depend on how you got your W2 in the first place.

DIY Radiator Replacement?

Replacing the radiator of your vehicle is a job that you can do yourself in about 2 or 3 hours. Occasionally, the radiator can crack or become clogged to the point that it needs to be replaced. Thi... Read More »