Does getting your tongue pierced hurt?

Answer As you can tell from some of the answers here, it just depends. Some people say it's painful as all get out, whereas mine had a second-long sting and that was it. My cartilage piercing hurt way wor... Read More »

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How to Get Your Tongue Pierced?

Pierce at your own risk!Piercing your tongue is not something you should do at home. While the tongue is known for healing quickly, you can easily do permanent damage, and/or cause death if you don... Read More »

How to Make Your Tongue Appear Pierced?

Some people say there is no way to make a fake tongue ring. There is a way!

How to Help Your Tongue After It Is Pierced?

A tongue piercing can be a funky way to express your individualistic personality. Choose from numerous tongue ring styles and change up your ring depending on your mood. When you initially get the ... Read More »

Is it a good idea to get your tongue pierced while your DRUNK or buzzin it why or why not?

No, because it is stupid even when sober!