How bad do u think this would hurt?

Answer WOW .... Girl.... Why would you want to do something like that to your sweet lips??? You must be crazy.... You have lips to kiss and you know... Why would you want to do that..... I don't get it...... Read More »

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How badly do you think this tattoo would hurt?

I have a tattoo on each shoulder blade. It did not hurt at all. And I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. However, I do not have a fear of needles. But if you can't see the need, it should... Read More »

I think my molar tooth needs to get pulled out. would it hurt?

You don't necessarily have to have the tooth pulled, you would want to see if the dentist can fix if, it is much better in the long run to keep the tooth and it does not hurt. The dentist will use... Read More »

On a scale of 1/10 how much would this hurt?

Do you think this would be OK?

You're a neglectful ought to be ashamed.Personally I trained MY dogs to carry a bottle to the babby...and to lick clean any mess which gathered at the business end of the kid during my... Read More »