How bad are refined grains actually?

Answer Since you are in South America eat Quinoa, it is a complete protein. (it is a small round grain) Corn meal is great, cheap and plentiful. If you learn to eat as the locals do you'll have an adequat... Read More »

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How to Be Refined?

Have you ever met a person who was both quiet and seeming to posses within their calculating stare the answers to the universe? Those who are refined are not necessarily extraordinarily smart or pe... Read More »

How is gold refined?

As gold is rarely pure when discovered, the other elements mixed in with the gold must be removed in order to produce a product near 100 percent pure. The refining process is a complicated, high-te... Read More »

Do you actually ever actually drive at 30mph?

I do morre like 35 now.My wife got a ticket last week, 39 in a 30 mph zone.Police officers should go after tailgaters and drunk drivers ...I live in Utah, drivers are very bad here...

Is it ok for a vegan to eat refined sugar?

Vegan-ism is not a religion, so you don't have to worry about going to hell, if you inadvertently consume an animal by product :). Take some time to examine why you chose to become a vegan (health ... Read More »