How bad are paper plates for the environment?

Answer On One Hand: Depletes Natural Resources and Unable to RecycleOpting to use paper plates occasionally may seem insignificant, yet every consumable paper product contributes to the staggering 36,000 ... Read More »

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Is it cheaper to eat off of paper plates or have regular plates you wash?

The #1 use for recycled paper is "Pizza Boxes".Check to see if they're made from recycled paper, if so, you just saved 50%. They can also (many times) be used more than once. Sometimes obviously no... Read More »

Where can I buy paper plates, napkins and/or paper cups that have The Beatles on them?

have you sent out invitations yet what about something like this…im still looking for othersits expensive but heres a few places that let you design your o... Read More »

Are paper plates and paper towels recyclable?

Even though paper plates and paper towels are paper products, they are not recyclable. If the paper towels or plates are soiled, such as with food or germs, it will contaminate the other recyclable... Read More »

Can i put paper plates in the?