How baby comes out by normal delivery?

Answer Once the cervix is dialated the babys head than body come out the vagina

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Your first baby has born by sisarion now you are pregnant again delivery will be normal or sesarion?

Can a safe home delivery be done if you're a first-time mom with a low risk pregnancy with the baby in the normal position but you don't have a phone or vehicle and no other human nearby?

Answer No other human nearby... no, its not safe. If you had a doula or a mid-wife or even a friend or relative that had witnessed births before you might be on the safer side, but to be alone is ... Read More »

What is normal spontaneous delivery?

Medically, a normal spontaneous delivery is called a "normal vaginal birth" or "vaginal birth without complications".

Normal Labor & Delivery?

Labor and delivery is about more than the delivery of a healthy baby; it is also about a woman's transition into motherhood. Giving birth is a powerful emotional experience, and many women remember... Read More »