How babies bones grow?

Answer they eat lots and lots of petits filous xD

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What makes a babies bones crack?

well babyacne is that serve but still acne anyway all you have to do is wash the pillow case 5 times a day ,then when to fell your head greasy or oily wash the face offthen use acne treatment twice... Read More »

How do bones grow as the body grows?

Bone is a combination of living tissue and stored minerals that changes in size and composition as the body grows. Portions of the skeleton form just a few weeks after conception, and the process o... Read More »

Why do babies have to grow up?

Good question. I keep telling my daughter to slow down. I want her to stay little for as long as she can. She's 3 1/2 and already says things like, "when I get bigger". I can't believe she's going ... Read More »

Do babies grow?