How are you supposed to learn about homeopathy?

Answer It does make no sense and you do have to suspend belief, have a read of this first.…James Randi offers a $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove any paranormal ... Read More »

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Does homeopathy medicines really improves the male sex power i need best homeopathy clinic in hyderabad?

Homeopathy doesn't help anything. It's just water, so unless your ED is caused by psychological reasons it's not going to be helped by a placebo. Homeopathy is ludicrous nonsense, don't ever wast... Read More »

How is a person supposed to learn to drive with a permit when there are so many impatient people?

I know how hard it is when you're trying to drive safely and the idiot behind you is impatient. It's a very uncomfy feeling, but you have no choice. Just follow the rules, take your time and try yo... Read More »


It's a perfectly valid medical therapy and very different to what people have become accustomed to with "modern medical science".The philosophy behind it is the minimum dose of the remedies to prov... Read More »

Homeopathy. What is it?

Soul Doctor may put a violation notice on my answer - it has happened before. You'll notice that I too do not mention Quackwatch. I just use math - and we all know how unreliable THAT is! *sarca... Read More »