How are you supposed to answer this stupid question?

Answer Girl. I had short hair my whole life. I once got mistaken for a guy. And some girl came straight up in my face and told me " your hair is hideous, I think you shouldn't even go to school like that.... Read More »

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Now that this stupid "TV has to go digital" law, how am I supposed to watch tv in my car after 2009?

I have a radio that has navigation in my car as well. My husband recently put the converter box in my car and connect it to AV-In Jack. I get digital tv in my car with no problem now.

I know this is stupid, but still answer?

I am neither. I listen to oldies or audio books. I dress conservatively: mostly jeans/slacks with a top that is long enough to reach the mid hip. I do nothing weird with my hair, wear makeup onl... Read More »

PLease answer maybe be stupid but w.e .. How old do you think I am?

people are so stupid saying 11-13you deff. look like ur about 16/17 !

I got a question about this laptop, Fastest and best answer will recieve Best answer! (Need this info ASAP)?

Yes the Intel i7 3630QM(2.40GHz) in the laptop has turbo boost.Yes the laptop should run the games very good with the Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M SLI graphics.What is Intel Turbo Boost http://en.wi... Read More »