How are woodwind and brass instruments different?

Answer Both brass and woodwind instruments involve, at a basic level, the amplification of sound. What primarily separates the two groups of instruments is the presence or absence of a small wooden reed.B... Read More »

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What Instruments Are in a Brass Band?

Brass instruments have a part in many Western music ensembles with standard homes in everything from orchestral music to concert bands to jazz. When they're not playing as a part of larger, multi-i... Read More »

Allora Brass Instruments?

Allora Instruments is a company that mass produces several types of instruments intended for creating music, including brass family instruments. Brass instruments are instruments that require the p... Read More »

How do brass instruments work?

Brass instruments create their distinctively noble sounds through the combination of a metal mouthpiece, tubular valves or slides, and the player's own ear for pitch.DefinitionA brass instrument us... Read More »

How to Write Music for Brass Instruments?

The brasswind family consists of many instruments sorted into the 4 range categories: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. The trumpet is the main soprano instrument, French Horn the alto, trombone or e... Read More »