How are women treated in Islamic countries?

Answer The treatment of women in Muslim countries varies considerably, from extreme seclusion in Taliban-influenced regions of Afghanistan to the emergence of female religious scholars in Syria. In some c... Read More »

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How are Islamic women treated?

The U.S. War on Terrorism has thrust the Islamic world into the spotlight. In particular, the treatment of women in Islamic culture has come into question. While speculation and allegations abound,... Read More »

Islamic Rules for Women in Education?

Islamic women's rights became a major news topic after the Taliban had taken control of Afghanistan. The numerous restrictions on a woman's life greatly distorted the actual rights practicing Islam... Read More »

Are Islamic women allowed to get an education?

In many Islamic countries, women do not have the same access to education that men do. This is also true for many non-Islamic countries. Most Muslim scholars agree that the Quran actually encourage... Read More »

Why do islamic women wear a hijab?

Hijabs are head coverings worn by Islamic women. The word "hijab" translates to "curtain" in Arabic and originally referred to a screen through which Muslims were instructed to speak to the prophet... Read More »