How are women supposed to wear wedding rings?

Answer No requirements exist about how to wear a wedding ring. According to the History of Rings, the custom of wearing the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand stems from an Egyptian belief ... Read More »

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Where do men wear their wedding rings?

Men wear wedding rings on the left hand on the ring finger. The ring finger is in between the middle and pinky, or little, finger. This tradition originated in Egypt because of the belief that this... Read More »

Why do people wear wedding rings?

A wedding ring has long been used as a symbol to define a person's marital status. Wedding rings have a number of believed origins, which means there could be more than one reason why people wear w... Read More »

Do Jewish men wear wedding rings?

Jewish men may wear wedding rings. According to Jewish tradition, only the bride is required to receive a ring, and some Orthodox rabbis are said to not allow double-ring ceremonies.Source:Jewish W... Read More »

Do French men wear wedding rings?

Like men in most western cultures, French men today wear wedding rings. Like Americans, French men wear them on their left hand to symbolize a connection to the heart, a tradition dating back to th... Read More »