Are diamonds formed in volcanoes?

Answer Natural diamonds are not formed in volcanoes. They are formed about 100 miles deep in the Earth, under conditions of high temperature and pressure. However, many diamonds found on or near the surfa... Read More »

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Differences Between Mud Volcanoes & Phreatomagmatic Volcanoes?

The mountainous structure of a volcano is responsible for unleashing massive amounts of energy, lava and ash during an eruption. Mud and phreatomagmatic are words that best describe a type of erupt... Read More »

What Effects Do Volcanoes Have?

Ruptures in Earth's crust, volcanoes contain magma, which they occasionally release to the surface through eruptions. The effects of a volcanic eruption vary according to factors such as the size o... Read More »

What is used to monitor volcanoes?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, scientists use a variety of techniques and equipment to monitor volcanoes. These include remote monitoring from satellites, chemical sensors to measure vol... Read More »

Volcanoes in the Classroom?

A volcano is an opening in the Earth that allows hot lava and gas to be released from below the Earth's surface. This release can be constant or through an eruption, which can occur with little or ... Read More »