How are vitamins made?

Answer Vitamins help to provide the body with chemicals and substances that it needs, even if the food normally providing it is not available or eaten. Vitamins can come in either multi-vitamin form or si... Read More »

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Are vitamins supplements safe in USA or is it better Europe made What are the best brands?

the economy is bad here because american banks lent money to people who couldnt in a million years repay it.move to america please.all you need is to learn about vitamins how much is too much how t... Read More »

It looks like American vitamins supplements better quality than UK made ones Is it true What brands?

Not true, plus you would have to pay post and packaging which is expensive. And you won't know if they are actually coming from America even though it looks like an American site

What are the best UK made vitamins supplements brands H&B, Lamberts, Higher Nature, etc... a top 10?

I get mine from Tesco . 90 Day supply for only under £3 and they have always kept me healthy .

What vitamins am I missing out on and what should I do to get the vitamins I need?

I wasn't completely clear on what you meant about "not changing what you are doing right now" meant. I am assuming you mean to say that you don't want to have to eat any differently. If that is t... Read More »