How are viruses made do ppl make them or are they formed by them self?

Answer People make them.

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What are made from weakened viruses?

Who made computer viruses?

Individuals with intelligence that have a creative nature but are using it in a destructive way. A virus can be made by anyone who has programming ability - however, many people who do do not get c... Read More »

Would you mind much if the internet was made unusable in entirety by global viruses?

I've lived without the internet most of my life, but living off campus I really rely on it to stay connected. Facebook is a big part of that. It allows me to come home every night and study while k... Read More »

Why do people make viruses?

Some people think it's fun. These people use viruses to spy on computers or mess up the system in interesting ways. Others use them to hack into systems and retrieve passwords or personal details. ... Read More »