How are unions formed?

Answer Unions aim to protect employees from inequitable and unlawful treatment and practices. Workers also use these labor organizations to present a unified front during negotiations with employers. Unio... Read More »

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Why are labor unions formed?

Labor unions help to protect workers from abuse by employers and to ensure industry-wide standards for employee compensation, benefits and treatment.The GuildsThe germ of the union idea dates to me... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Regular Credit Unions & Federally Backed Credit Unions?

Credit unions are chartered by either state governments or the federal government. When people refer to a "regular" credit union, it is generally a state-chartered institution and does not have the... Read More »

Why do unions act more like a bully?

If you feel that you have been wronged, you need to hire a lawyer. You can sue the union. You might want to contact the NLRB too.

How Do Unions Help With Retirement Benefits?

Providing high-quality retirement benefits, and protecting the ability of workers to live comfortably during retirement, is a key responsibility of a local union. Using the massive power of the mem... Read More »