How are tv viewing ratings recorded?

Answer If you live in Britain, the data is collected by B.A.R.B. (Broadcasters Audience Research Board).Around 11,000 homes in the U.K. have volunteered to have a box attached to their TV, that records wh... Read More »

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How to Choose Appropriate Movie Ratings and Television Ratings for Your Teenagers?

This is a step by step info on how to decide what is appropriate for a younger teenager and an older teenager when it comes to TV and movies.

Does the viewing angle make a difference when viewing movies on a 3d tv?

Why led tv viewing distance is long and led computer monitor viewing distance is short?

Viewing distance is based on the screens diagonal dimension, so the bigger the screen the further away you should sit.This is purely an aesthetic thing. I have 2 24" monitors in front of me so shou... Read More »

I was wondering y my camera doesnt play the sound when i watch the recorded videos i recorded wuts wrong?

You should be able to hear the sound when you play it back on ur camera. Im not sure whats wrong with it, but sometimes with my camera, my microphone is on the bottom where you usually put ur thum... Read More »