How are they deleting my folders and programs?

Answer Ok, what you have to do is make sure remote assistance, remote desktop, file sharing, and printer sharing are all disabled on your computers. Then log into your router again, and update the firmwar... Read More »

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Ok, I was deleting folders off my desktop, and i accidently deleted my Internet Explorer, someone please help!?

You didn't delete the program. You just deleted the shortcut to it. Go to your start menu, right click on Internet Explorer, and it should have some option to make a shortcut.

I need help on deleting a pic on insta!?

Go to the pic edit option there you will find a delete button.

Deleting Trojans?

You have to know the name of the trojan program. If you find the name of the program (for example the w32.blaster.worm virus had a program name of Msblast.exe, but not all viruses use the same name... Read More »

Deleting questiooons?

Once a question becomes a Resolved Question, it stays in Yahoo! Answers, available for searching and browsing*.*Resolved questions can still be reported and/or removed if they are in violation of t... Read More »