How are the top news feeds picked on Facebook News Feeds?

Answer The Top news feed is calculated by the amount of "likes" or comments a certain post gets. The more a post gets, the more chance it has appearing on the news feed.

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My Facebook status updates are not showing up on any of my friends' news feeds. Anyone know how to fix this?

Check your privacy settings, both globally and for each individual post to make sure they go out to your friends. Also have your friends check your profile. I don't know if the feature still exis... Read More »

If a Facebook group is secret, do members' posts to it show up in their friends' news feeds?

No, only you and the members can see it. They'll see it on theirs news feed. Or can go to the wall itself to check it out. But it won't show publicly. Only to the members who are in the secret grou... Read More »

How do I stop photos I like from showing on other peoples news feeds?

Have them unsubscribe from your updates. When someone adds you they're automatically subscribed to your posts even if you're just liking something.

How do I stop likes and comments from showing up on my friends' news feeds?

you can do it by making the posts or status updates to private i.e. for yourself only,. Enjoy!