How are the prices of stock set on the nyse?

Answer While the stock market is open for business, stock prices are not set but are rather in a state of constant motion as investors buy and sell shares. There are, however, some instances when stock pr... Read More »

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Why do bond prices go up when stock prices fall?

Stocks and bonds are competing investments that attract different classes of investors. Because of corporate structure, bonds offer less risk, while stocks are associated with greater profit potent... Read More »

NYSE Stock Abbreviations?

Companies are listed on the stock market according to an official and standard abbreviation. This ticker symbol may reflect the company's name. But, given the huge number of publicly traded compani... Read More »

What is the fair value of stock in the NYSE?

The fair value of stock (also known as the fair market value of stock) sold on a public exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the current selling price of the stock.References:Fair... Read More »

What is the oldest stock traded in the nyse?

The oldest stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange as of July, 2010 is Con Edison, which was originally listed in 1824 as the New York Gas Light Company. The oldest company listed on the NYSE i... Read More »