How are the cops involved when someone hacks email?

Answer Police can be involved in email hacking cases because hacking (attempting or succeeding in accessing another person's computer without permission) is a crime under both federal and state criminal s... Read More »

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What does the xxx mean when someone types in their name at the end of a email?

Is there anything dangerous to your email or computer if you email someone you don't know?

yea they get your email address, you should keep that private to only known contacts

I found a body in the ravine behind my house, should I call the cops or just let someone else worry about it?

Guido told me to tell you, and I quote, "There ain't no body in no ravine behind no house, got dat, chicky?"In the mean time, that's what catapults are for. Just load 'er up and aim towards the nei... Read More »

When I delete my email acct can someone make a new one with my same acct name?

In some cases Google can recover recently deleted accounts. If the account was not deleted recently, it can't be recovered, and the Gmail username cannot be re-used.